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Social Responsibility and the Environment

We at Klean Komponents take our social and environmental responsibilities very seriously. 

Social Responsibility. Following a year of research we have now been able to provide each of our shareholders with a handbook outlining the company’s primary areas of CSR, the actions it has taken in each of these areas and those which we plan to take in the near future. For your copy please contact www.kleankomponents.com/publicrelations/csr.

An example of our dedication to the well being of our local communities is the funding of a new primary school just half a mile from the site of our plant at Carton. The Manifold Academy aims to be a paragon of excellence in the education sector. This will benefit both Klean Komponents employees and the wider community in Pistonia.

However, we did not stop there. We also provided substantial funding for a new town hall – the Jacque du Cru Community Centre - to replace its dilapidated predecessor after it was deemed unfit for purpose.

Our employees also benefit directly with a “fair wage for a fair day’s work” attitude taken not only in Europe and North America, but also across every continent we work in. At no stage do we pay less than the minimum wage of the countries in which we work and generally we pay more. Furthermore, we have been universally praised for our innovative “End of Work” project which has seen Klean Komponents fund sporting and recreational facilities for its workers to enjoy during their leisure time.

At Klean Komponents we do not want the “klean” in our name just to refer to our production processes; we want it to refer to our conscience as well.

The Environment

Klean Komponents has a proud environmental record and has been at the forefront of the automotive industry not just in following best practice, but also in many cases inventing it.

Following the publishing of a government-commissioned report by the Royal Commission for Chemical Standards, Klean Komponents has stated categorically that it will not only meet government targets for the reduction of all heavy metals, but it will actively seek to eradicate them from its products.

We have recently announced three-year plan which will see the removal of 50% more of the toxins which were previously used in our various production processes. This is a further reduction from the 99.9% figure we achieved in the past ten years. Effectively Klean Komponents will be almost toxin free.

Klean Komponents was one of the first component manufacturers to transfer production completely from old model boot switches (which contained up to 1 gram of highly toxic mercury in each one) to the much safer ball-bearing alternative.  The company even accepted a decline in profits for the financial year 2002/3 so that it was able to initiate the most environmentally friendly (and the most expensive) plan for the disposal of the unused mercury switches. We also have similar plans in place for the disposal of unused lead and cadmium components which are due to be completed by the end of this year.

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