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At Klean Komponents, we produce in excess of 1,500 different products for the automotive, aerospace and armaments markets. The following is just a small selection of our product range from the tried and trusted to those straight out of R&D.

Valve Stem Seals.

Klean Komponents manufactures the latest modern valve stem seals which optimise the oil supply to the valve system.  Our unique design reduces carbonisation within the system, which increases the lifetime of the engine and makes it cleaner by reducing harmful emissions.  We produce a range of valve stem seals for a number of engines used by the leading manufacturers.  Each is of individual design to optimise its life span and effectiveness at providing you with a more environmentally friendly engine.

Ball-bearing convenience light switches.

Klean Komponents offers a range of ball-bearing switches which fit a variety of automobile models.  We will supply for use in new production or in shipments for use as replacements for old mercury convenience lighting switches.  Following our own extensive research, we are also able to offer consultation on best practice techniques for the replacement process.

Reed switches.

We manufacture a wide range of reed switches and are able to produce both mercury-wetted and rhodium contacts.  Our pioneering technology means that our switches have a 25% longer lifespan than those of our competitors.  Due to the sensitive nature of the chemicals used in their production, please contact us for further information on production techniques and lead times.

Low cost non-mercury switches.

We also produce a number of low cost non-mercury switches which are available for a range of engine types.

Acceleration and shock switches and sensors.

Klean Komponents is renowned for its innovative manufacturing techniques for acceleration and shock switches.  We only use gold plating on our sensors to ensure that they give the optimum response and have the greatest lifespan on the market.  This provides our clients and their customers with the optimum product for the best value.

Automotive starter drives.

We offer a full range of automotive starter and self-starter drives which are available in various specifications (teeth, length, drive OD, splines) to fit any specification of motorised vehicle.  Our range of starter drives have been extensively tested and proven to be the best performing in the industry.  Our latest range of self-starter drives have proven so exceptionally efficient that the part has already become widely known as the “Klean starter” as it is so extensively used within the industry.

ABS braking systems.

We provide the full spectrum of components for modern ABS systems from the brakes themselves to the hydraulic pressure regulator.  We can easily adapt our standard ABS system to suit a range of client specifications.

HID (high intensity discharge) bulbs.

We produce HID lamps for a range of uses, including headlamps and internal convenience lighting.  These bulbs are three times brighter than their predecessors and use only half the amount of energy.  We can also supply conversion kits for older models.  In addition, we also design and manufacture a range of indicator and brake lights using different lighting and casing methods to suit client requirements.

LED convenience lighting

We have also developed a revolutionary range of LED convenience lighting which is both environmentally friendly, reduces the amount of car battery used whilst the lights are on and, by mimicking sunlight, is less likely to strain human eyes.  These products, therefore, have a range of uses and are currently being rolled out across a leading airline’s fleet of long-haul aeroplanes.

Spark plugs.

Klean Komponents has been the leading producer of automotive spark plugs for some 35 years.  We carry a full range to fit every type of mechanical engine and regularly work in conjunction with our clients to produce new and more efficient models for their ever-evolving models.

Gudgeon pins.

We produce both semi-floating and fully-floating gudgeon pins and carry out the full manufacturing process, including electroplating, at our Carton plant.  We use two main configurations and are happy to fix the gudgeon pin to the connecting rod, rather than the piston: a method which many of our competitors cannot produce because of the complexity of the processes involved.

Custom Products.

Alongside our key products, Clean Components works extensively with our customers to find creative solutions to everyday problems in the car manufacturing process.  Our facilities are such that if you have a specification, we will do everything we can to ensure that we find a design and production method to give you the optimum product.
As we work closely with the aerospace and defence industries, many of our products are classified. For these areas, please contact security@kleankomponents.com.

If you have a design problem that you think Klean Komponents may be able to solve please contact us at research@kleankomponents.com.


“Innovate or die” is one of the key tenets of Klean Komponents CEO Jacque de Cru. Since its inception the company has had a strong Research and Development operation. Today, 105% of profits are ploughed back into research. We consider ourselves to be at the forefront of innovation and new science in the car components, aerospace and defence industries.  Our state of the art centre of excellence was opened in 2005 at our Carton site to allow us to expand these efforts and has led to a direct increase in the number of products we can offer our customers, coupled with a decrease in the cost of production for new lines which we are also able to pass on to our customers. 

Being able to direct and control the application of science, manufacturing and engineering enables Klean Komponents to deliver tailored individual solutions for each of its customers.

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