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Culture and our people - Join us!

Klean Komponents began as a family company and that history still drives the company culture today. Indeed, our Chairman is a direct descendant of the founder.

At Klean Komponents we are proud of the fact that we have been able to consistently attract and retain highly skilled professional staff who together have helped the company evolve into the multinational organisation it is today.

The management of Klean Komponents believes that the company’s employees drive the business and, therefore, are committed to providing the highest levels of training opportunities possible. We believe in encouraging our employees to explore their own talents and actively invite entrepreneurial ideas to be conveyed directly to the highest office.

Thanks to our high standards of employee investment and care, Klean Komponents was awarded “Investors in People” accreditation in 1998 – an award it holds to this day. In particular, the company was recognised for its on-going contribution to the local community.

Klean Komponents is also ISO 9002 registered and is committed to Total Quality Management and HS&E bets practice and maintenance of standards.

We at Klean Komponents are fully committed to the continued safety and prosperity of our customers, principals, suppliers, staff and neighbours. To reflect this, we have produced a Statement of Values which reflects briefly the commitments made in our Stakeholder and Community Handbook.  They are as follows:

  • Being open and honest in our conduct at all times.
  • Being caring and supportive in our actions.
  • Being proud to encourage and celebrate both business successes and personal development.
  • Being a team which actively engages with and listens to stakeholders and responds with efficiency and integrity.

Our employees are our lifeblood and we believe totally in them. Our works councils – run jointly by management and workers - ensure that the best employment practices are in place in line with best human resources advice.

Our training programmes with the world’s leading business schools give our management a lead in modern business practices. This makes Klean Komponents the world leader for increased revenues for shareholders, the best prices for customers, strong incentives for management and some of the best salary packages for all staff. On the ground, our apprenticeship schemes have won numerous awards and are recognised as being among the best in the industry.

Join us!

As a rapidly growing company, we are always for looking for first-class people to join a winning team. From recent graduates to seasoned professionals we are always looking for:

  • Accountants
  • Engineers
  • Research scientists
  • Economists
  • Entrepreneurs (yes, you will thrive in our environment)
  • Machinists
  • And many more

Naturally we offer top class conditions with top of the sector pay, pension and life insurance schemes, generous bonuses and a hard-working culture that is second to none.

If you relish a real Khallenge then join Klean Komponents.

For more information, contact recruitment@kleankomponents.com.

What our employees say

“Having worked for Clean Components for 15 years I have always found them to be a most generous company.  They reward their employees very well and have always trusted me with a great deal of responsibility in the development of new product solutions for our customers.”

Harry Pantechnicon, Warehouse manager

“I am happy to work anywhere where there is chemical analysis to be done.  We use many chemicals at Klean Komponents and I am happy to analyse them as much as I am asked to.”

Michelle Pasteur, Laboratory Assistant

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