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Klean Komponents is managed by a main board based in Carton, Pistonia under Chief Executive Officer Jacques du Cru. The group’s worldwide activities are divided into three regions – the Americas, Europe and Asia/Oceania. Individual countries have their own management teams which report to the regions. The board of management is as follows.

Klean Komponents Chairman

James (“Jimmy”) Manifold – Chairman

The great-grandson of the founder, Jimmy as he is affectionately known to everyone continues the family traditions and values of the company. He followed in his father’s footsteps as chairman and chief executive in 1992.  He also holds a number of non-executive directorships and is a keen polo player having played in the Pistonia national team.

Jacques Ducru

Jacques du Cru, CEO

Following a distinguished career in the auto manufacturing industry, Jacques joined Klean Komponents in 1997 where he has steered the company to unprecedented growth and profitability. He is a keen sportsman and is the Chairman of Carton Athletic Football Club.

Johnny Marx

Johnny Marx, Chief Financial Officer

Johnny is a qualified accountant has been with the company for 40 years since leaving university. He is a non-executive director of Lotto – the national lottery.

Frank Widget

Frank Widgit, World Operations Director

All three regions report to Frank who joined the company five years ago from the aerospace industry. He has also held senior positions in a number of manufacturing companies in the armaments sector. 

Dr Georgio Faustus

Dr Georgio Faustus, Chief Technology Officer

Following a glittering academic career which saw him a Professor of Physics in his late 20s, George joined Klean Komponents as Deputy Head of Research, becoming CTO two years ago. Before joining the company, Dr. Faustus was Professor of Chemical Engineering at University of Pistonia.  He remains extremely highly regarded in the academic world and continues to publish articles in a wide range of journals. He is the author of a number of books including “Pollution Control For a Modern Society” (Pistonia University Press, 2008).

Goneril O'leary

Goneril O'Leary, Group Head of Human Resources

Having worked with the CEO at World Autos, she moved with him when he joined Klean Komponents. She drives the revamped management development programme which is run in association with IMD in Lausanne.

Tom Smiley

 Tom Smiley, Head of Global Marketing

Tom joined Klean Komponents three years ago and is widely credited with the introduction of much stronger CSR programme as well as helping increase sales through innovative business-to-business techniques.
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