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Financial performance

Klean Komponents is one of the best performers in its sector. Although it suffered problems in the last two recessions over the past ten years it has outperformed the sector by 10% and in the last five years that figure was 15%.

Here are the top line figures for last year and the previous year.


Last Year

Previous year



$1.423 billion

$1.221 billion



$257.3 million

$207.6 million






Earnings (per share)

36.2 cents

27.3 cents






Commenting on last year’s figures, Chief Executive Jacques du Cru, said: “The company remains committed to maximising shareholder value and returns. Our staff has performed tremendously in very adverse conditions. We are living in troubled and testing times, but I know we have the talent, ability and drive to win through. Klean Komponents will go from strength to strength.”

Relentless Pursuit of Excellence. Every day the components market becomes more competitive and every day we at Klean Komponents strive to make ourselves more competitive.  We are constantly monitoring customer satisfaction and hold this as our highest priority. We regularly review our production processes to ensure they are the most cost effective and efficient possible. We believe that the outcome of this is of universal benefit and we give regular progress updates to our shareholders.

In addition, for our shareholders we also measure the performance of Klean Komponents against other multinational car component companies. We use the following measurements for this task:

  • Return on net assets (RONA);
  • Stock market capitalisation versus net assets employed in the business;
  • The growth in share price, plus dividend, compared to our competitors.

Klean Komponents invests substantially in growing markets and has been rewarded with a consistently strong position. Our aim is to concentrate our efforts on the best quality emerging markets from around the globe to ensure that each of our regional sub-divisions is the leader in its local market.

Our annual results have consistently demonstrated that our shareholders consistently receive a considerably higher return on their investment than those of our competitors.

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